It’s time for some great graphics and gameplay! The human race is fighting for its future rests in your hands. N.O.V.A. Legacy is a first-person shooter for the Android and Apple iOS platform. The game gives you control of Kal, a retired futuristic N.O.V.A. soldier who will return to the battlefield with the help of his AI assistant, Yelena, to protect the planet from the invading alien forces.

You go about following orders from your commander. It’s your standard FPS game where you do single player missions and Player vs. Player quests. The online PVP component is the core part where you take on opponents in a brutal gunfight.

There are a wide variety of weapons available in the game. As the destiny of humanity will depend on it, choose wisely. If you want to ensure your success, you must depend on our N.O.V.A. Legacy battle strategy guide that will help you!

1. Master the Controls

When it comes to using mobile devices, unfortunately, some people have a hard time controlling their movement and aiming. It isn’t as convenient as a mouse on a PC or Xbox controllers on video game consoles. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, so start playing more to get comfortable!

2. Do the Single Player Missions First

Doing the single player missions allow you to find out more because the earlier ones will inform you what you will need to do. Think of it as some tutorial tips which you can use in the future. The thing is when it comes to doing these missions that you can gain massive rewards. Prizes range from Stars, money and others.

3. Manage Your Equipment

Those benefits will come in handy once you manage and handle your gear. Some weapons could be unlocked with the in game currency or the currency that is particular. There are some that need Stars. Those Stars can be obtained by doing the assignments and completing the specific requirements which range from killing a specific number of enemies or your accuracy percentage and a lot more. Make certain to change and upgrade your equipment as soon as you’re able to.

4. Change Equipment in Battle and Use Grenades

Grenades are consumables that you can use in battle. Those grenades will run out although throwing them can deal a high amount of damage in a closed spot. You need to be smart about when to use them. You will end up using at least one in most levels and particularly in PVP. Be sure to react fast as well to switch to the guns when the situation calls for. Some firearms pack tremendous firepower but have short range and ammo. Be sure to always reload before entering a new room just to prepare for new incoming enemies.

5. The PVP

You can do some co-op missions where people spend a lot of time with, but the PVP combat is where it is most exciting. Use our tips when it comes to dealing with the PVP. Choose the team battle mode. Just remember, its guns blazing but you ought to be stealthy when needed and go in for the final kill.

6. Practice Makes Perfect

We already mentioned this above but as it might be cliché, there is not anything in the world that could help you more but practice. The controls in the game are easy and responsive to understand before you can master it but it is going to take a while. Do not become discouraged if you die a few times because the learning curve is pretty steep. You definitely have a head start if you’re already used to playing first person shooters on mobile devices. The thing that you will need to focus most on is aiming as it is usually the hardest, especially with everything that is currently happening in the environment. Only play single player mission until you get confident.

7. Interesting Story Mode

If you’re into role playing, then the story mode will come to you as it will give you an experience of what Kal’s mission is all about. Other than that, it makes a fantastic training ground if you’re planning on spending plenty of time in PVP later on. Regardless of your preferences, you should take time if you want to get anywhere in this game, to play with the story mode. On top of learning the basics of the game, you will get a variety of rewards that will be useful in the future.

8. Getting More Gears

So don’t neglect your equipment because you can not fight a war with low-level gears. Money and the rewards you get from doing missions in story mode will help you out a lot in this department. You will be able to unlock several weapons and earn money. Select the best weapons that suit your play style to try unlocking as many goodies as possible. Do not forget to upgrade your weapon of choice. Enemies will get more powerful as you advance so you’ll need the fire power to match.


You are humanity’s last hope. Make sure that you use our N.O.V.A. Legacy strategy guide above to help you save the planet from the alien invaders and don’t forget to comment below too!

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