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Last Updated on 19 January 2018

In the hectic world we currently live in, all of us require an escape now and then. Life can get robotic at times. At such times, it feels great to break out of the monotonous routine, even if it is via immersing yourself in a video game.

Playing games on your smartphones or PC tend to be the ideal quick escape for many. As you assume the role of your game character, you can feel the tiredness and worldly worries seep away from you. Even if such a feeling is fleeting, it is better than the alternatives.

While there is an array of games available for you to play, many find Critical Ops to be particularly addicting and fun. While C-Ops has managed to attract tons of gamers worldwide, the game does tend to be a little too challenging for some people. At such an instance, Critical Ops hacks, cheats and our Play Like a Proguide come in handy.

These weapon skins could be all yours!

Why Play Critical Ops?

There are hundreds of games available in the app stores due to the surge in the advancement of technology that we have witnessed.  You may wonder, why then should you play critical ops in particular? What does this game have to offer which stand out from the rest?

Here are some of the reasons why I think you should download the game now, even if you need a little help from the Critical Ops hack.

 An Alternative to Counter Strike

There is a lesser chance of finding an avid gamer who hasn’t played Counter Strike: Global Offensive, than there is of finding the Loch Ness monster. Counter Strike serves to be the heart and soul of the competitive gaming experience. Therefore, a game such as Critical Ops available on the iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets comes as a welcome sight and offers a little bit of nostalgia.

This game not only draws its inspiration from CS GO, but it tends to mimic it flawlessly on a mobile version. Hence, it allows you to enjoy a familiar game on a new platform.

 Developers Support

Something is endearing about playing a game which has not yet been fully finished. It may have some thing to do with being successful from the get-go, or maybe because we as gamers like being surprised with the unexpected.

This game is still progressing and is always updated with new exciting content and bugs squishing. While this may be a turn-off for some people, for many, being with the game through its development is an adventure on its own. It is exciting to witness each update having an enhanced effect, and the changes bringing forth an evolution. It surely is all about the climbing the ranking with every round of updates.

 Play to Win

Various games in the market monetize on our desire to win. Pay to win is now a recurring theme in an array of apps where you can only access advanced weapons or skills if you lighten your wallet.

Surprisingly, this game does not promote such a mentality; it is a skilled-based actions shooter.  Instead, all money can buy you in this game is customization of the weapons’ skins that are provided to every player. So if you have an eye for aesthetics and love to show off, you can buy all beautiful Critical Ops weapon skins at the in-game store with credits to enhance the look of your guns. However, if you wish for better firearms, you have to either earn them or use Critical Ops hacks – both of which are not monetizing on your weaknesses.

 Made for Mobile Multiplayer

It is hard to find a game which does not punish you when you leave the game. Critical Ops is the exception to such games.

C-Ops allows you to start and stop the game without being deported to previous levels. This is achieved via the current mode level which is organized by quick, yet lengthy matches. The fluid nature of such a mode gives players the autonomy to bail without facing any repressions. Such a feature makes this ideal for playing in breaks or during your commute. But who are we kidding, when dueling in all out 10v10 action, the game can get frantic and blood pumping!

 Cross Platform

If you are a competitive soul, you will not only find the Critical Ops hack interesting, but may also consider the fact that it allows you to compete on a variety of platforms to be equally exciting.

This game can be played on iOS, Android, and PC (by the use of Android emulators like Bluestack and Vox; official Critical Ops PC version coming soon!). Moreover, Critical Ops on Facebook allows you to compete in an online social media forum as well. Such cross-platform competition does not feature any lag, and regardless of where you play, your stats and skins will carry from one game to another.

Moreover, if you only want to match up with a particular platform, you can also filter out such cross-platform games in the lobby browser.

Shoot Your Way Through

Critical Ops served as a sequel to Critical Strike Portable and was first introduced to the gaming world in 2015. The Critical Ops Android version and iOS version were soon available within a year for users to enjoy. Critical Force Entertainment is the developer for this game.

Critical Force Entertainment is an independent company based in Finland. This company is known for product multiplayer games on an array of platforms, ranging from PC to mobile – and such is seen in this game as well.

C-Ops is ideal for those who wish for an action-packed game that features a first person character. Hence, all of you Counter-Strike fans will find this game to be at least equally intriguing.

Critical Ops allows you to assume the role of a first person shooter as you put your tactical skills along with your reflexes to test. Such a fast-paced FPS game is perfect for you if you wish for a rush of adrenaline as you wage war against a terrorist, or assume the role of one to create havoc.

Critical Ops Gameplay

Teamwork plays a big role to dominate matches

What Is It About?

You might wonder, how does the gameplay look and feel like?

Well, Critical Ops is quite similar to Counter Strike regarding its storyline. The game allows you to either assume the role of the counter-terrorist as you try to prevent a bomb from exploding by being a hero or be the terrorist and plant the bomb as you embrace your dark side.

Critical Ops features two game modes, namely Defuse and Team Deathmatch. While the former allows you to either plant or defuse the bomb, the latter method is all about seeing who is a better mercenary. In this mode, your reflexes are continuously tested as you try to kill the maximum number of people before the time runs out.

Unlike its predecessors, this game features much more detailed graphics than the now discontinued game. Moreover, It also includes bigger and better-balanced maps than before as well as an increase in weapons and types of weapon skin.

On top of offering two game modes, the game also ships with five maps in total, with new ones to be added shortly. However, it does not include maps from games like the Counter Strike of Critical Strike Portable. While the Android emulator version is currently available for you to enjoy on the PC, the official PC version will not be available until mid-2017, and therefore if you are a fan of the game, we suggest that you stick to the mobile version.

Remember, such a game is the only platform where violence is acceptable and does not reflect on you as a person. Therefore, enjoy the experience while it lasts.

Cheating is Fair, Yes You Heard That Right!

Have you been an avid player of Critical Ops? Do you feel that some aspects of the game are too difficult to your liking? Do you wish for a much simpler way via which you can easily slide past the hurdles you have been struggling?

If your answer to the above questions is yes, then you need to read on for the full Critical Op hack review. Now there are various safe ways you can bypass Critical Ops’s security system and enjoy the rewards.

Don’t feel guilty about taking the easy way out. Remember, all is fair in war. And your struggle to break out of your monotonous routine is no less than a war.

Say NO to Radar Map Tools

There are a few map and radar hack around the web, but they often need to be downloaded (often bundled with dangerous malware) and posed a huge risk to getting banned. So far I have not come across any real modded APK, mod menu downloads, trainer, cheat engine memory hack, wallhack or aimbot tools. So my word of advice is to just stick to the free credits booster like the one in this review.

Why use Critical Ops Hack?

The Critical Ops gameplay is quite simple. However, that does not mean that the game is a piece of cake. Even if you like challenging games and performing at a high level, chances are you would still want to get your hands on the Critical Ops cheats.

Why? Well, this is because Critical Ops hack allows you to obtain free attractive weapon skins, and hence enjoy an enhanced experience of the game without doing the repetitive hard work. Your friends and foes will be so jealous of your shiny new skins! Without the hack, if you wish to buy weapon skins, you would have to play the five maps to gather the required amount of currency. However, such persistence will only allow you to access conventional weapons.

What do you do if you the desire to equip better and unique gun skins than the standard ones? Well, you need to have a high amount of blue or orange credits. Getting such credits is not as easy, nor is it a battle you can emerge victorious in without putting in a lot of days. This time is when outside help seems like a lucrative offer. You can earn orange credits by watching video ads in-game, but the reward is so pitiful little that you probably need to watch the same ads a thousand time to be barely able to afford to purchase your favorite skin design.

Unlimited Credits with Supersoniq’s Online Generator

Another way to get free Critical Ops weapon skins is via the online generator which does not require you to download anything – unlike the map hack. Such a method is therefore ideal for those who cherish their accounts and enjoy the perks simultaneously.

Want to generate unlimited credits in just 5 minutes?

If you want to use the Critical Ops hack by the infamous Supersoniq team, all you are required to do is to go to the online generator credit booster site (click the big green buttons on the top and bottom of this page) Proceed by choosing how much Blue and Orange credits you want to get. Just push the “+” and “” buttons to get desired value. After that, press “BOOST” and type in your in-game Username. Also, choose the platform (iOS or Android) and wait for a few minutes and enjoy the added credits in the game!

So Does It Actually Works?

YES! See above for 100% working proof of the hack in action. I have personally tested with an iPhone 6 Plus and a Samsung S7, and I got 99999 credits in just a few minutes. It’s that straightforward to use! My game account has not been banned even after using some of the credits to purchase the expensive skins.

The most amazing aspect of this Critical Ops hack is that this is the ONLY one working for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad). Others I’ve tried are not able to break Apple ‘s strong encryption security. So kudos to the developers at Supersoniq!

For some reason that your added credits does not get updated inside the game after some time, try again. Don’t panic as their hack has an automatic built in protection to prevent your account stats leaking to the developers if the game and the hack’s version is mismatched. This step ensures your account is always safeguarded. That’s why I always use Supersoniq’s Critical Ops Hack because they designed with anti-cheat in mind.

The credit booster algorithm is updated daily so try to re-access the dedicated online credits booster page again tomorrow if you failed to get any credits.

Disclaimer: This Critical Ops Hack is for educational purposes only. We take no accountability or consequences for any action of any user using of this hack.

Final Words

All in all, Critical Ops is an excellent game for those who are looking for a Counter Strike doppelganger to be enjoyed on mobile phones. The fact that there are various hacking solutions available both online and via download has fared well with users, as it means that they are provided with an effortless way out.

Regardless of how much we want to deny it, taking a shortcut occasionally does feel good. Enjoy the Critical Ops free download game. If you ever get stuck or wish for an advanced weapon skin without having to put in much effort, all you need to do is get access to this perfect hack.

Play Critical Ops. Enjoy as you shoot your way through the enemies to plant or defuse a bomb. Watch as your stats soar high. Experience the thrill of a first person shooter. Let such games immerse you into their world as you leave all your worldly concerns behind. Oh, and start unlocking weapons skins by getting free unlimited credits with this super duper amazing Critical Ops Hack now!

Without a doubt, the best working Critical Ops Hack that you can find online.

Advantages of Using Supersoniq's Critical Ops Hack

No Need for Jailbreak & Root - 10
No Malware - 10
No Ban - 10
Easy to use, Instant Results - 9.8
Works with Android & iOS devices - 9.8
Price: FREE! - 9.9



Without a doubt, the best working Critical Ops Hack that you can find online.

Instructions For Critical Ops Hack

  • Access the online credits generator using the big green button below or at the top of the page
  • Adjust the value of the Blue & Orange credits to your desired amount to add to your account
  • Press the “BOOST” button
  • Now enter your in-game Username and select the Platform on which you’re playing on
  • Press the “CONTINUE” button and wait for the process to finish completely
  • Relaunch your game and see the boosted credits 😉

*Please understand that this is a 100% safe process and will NOT result in banning of your accounts. The developer or game server will NOT detect the change of credits number as this Critical Ops Hack bypass all anti-cheats and simulate a user getting the money in a typical fashion. It is encouraged to use this hack once a day to maximize your earning potential. Enjoy!

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