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Last Updated on 11 June 2024

In the hectic world we live in, there are thousands of short and engaging stories that keep all gamers hooked to their screens. Such stories can include crime, romance and fantasy. The Choices: Stories You Play game is like an interesting story book. This game is referred as the most influential games of all times. The player is able to get fully involved thanks to the interactive features. This game has gained a lot of popularity due to its unpredictable endings.

It allows you to fall in love and solve mysterious events as you meet new people. In addition, it walks you through different situations where you are forced to choose your own path and future. Choices Stories You Play is available for download on Android and IOS platforms.

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Starting Out

The first thing is to choose a story, then unlock the chapters and the story line. Each story has different keys and diamonds. However, you should first understand its nature. Be sure of the choice you make since you can’t reverse the decision. Secondly, you need to evaluate the effect each game has. For instance, you can go for the most destructive or the least influential based on your preference. Lastly, consider the outcome in case the game is not molded according to your wish. Remember, a wrong choice can ruin the outcome of the game. In case you are tired of reading the story, you can stop for a while and continue next time. This makes it easier to alternate stories from time-to-time. The most famous stories for Choices: Stories You Play include:

· The Rules of Engagement

This story involves a grandmother who has left her property in your name. To be the real property owner, the game requires you find your true love within a specified time period.

· The Freshmen

This is an interesting story about students in a Hartfeld University. You can find a lover, make friends, be a football hero, go to parties and enjoy your life to the fullest. The player is supposed to impress other students with fashion outfit. He is also required to tackle freshmen adventures.

· Endless Summer

This is an interesting story about how you visit an isolated resort with your friends. Some of your friends see it as a good opportunity to party while others start panicking. Which side are you?

· Most Wanted

This is a mysterious murder story where you are supposed to find the killer. A Hollywood detective and a no-nonsense Texas Marshal are given a task of stopping a deranged hit-man (killer). Here, you’re given the task of being a detective. Your key role is to investigate mystery twists, examine evidence and stop the killer from committing the crime.

· Love Hacks

This story revolves around getting a new job in the city and you start dating some of the colleagues.

· The Crown and the Flame

Your kingdom is stolen by your enemies. It’s time to reclaim your crown using magic and army. The goal is to master weapons and wipe the enemy in an epic war.

Due to its restrictive free-to-play nature, you need to be sure of the story you want to read first. If you make a mistake, you’ll have to wait for several hours for the keys to regenerate.

How to Get More Keys

The keys are used in unlocking new exciting episodes and stories of the existing game. Every time you complete a certain part of the story, you need more keys to continue. The easiest way of getting additional keys is leveling up. Another method is by sharing them with your friends on social network like Facebook. This makes the game more fun if you have more friends. Secondly, you can purchase keys using real money from the in-game shop. This option can get really expensive. For example, a chest of keys cost $39.99 which is a huge rip-off!

How to Get More Diamonds

Diamonds are equally important in the game. They allow the player to purchase special clothes, items, and exclusive stories. The secret of the game is to procure diamond in small quantities by leveling up. However, if you need them in bulk, you can buy them from the game shop. The combo offers an opportunity to buy the keys and diamonds at the same time. With the right tools, you’ll dominate in every situation. However, the problem with purchasing the diamonds from the game store is that it is prohibitive overpriced. One Vault of Diamonds is $99.99! Not only that, the worst part is that this is not a one time purchase as you definitely need to get more once you consumed all the diamonds.

Game Play

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The Choices: Stories you Play game begins with a simple introduction. However, every story you select is unique. You have to choose your best character name to fit in the scenes. The name must be between 2 to 20 characters. Also, it must not contain any offending words. The second phase is to select the level of the game you wish to start. Every level comes with different features. As a beginner, it’s advisable that you start with the easy mode. You’ll be guided how to take charge quickly. If you make mistakes, you’ll get some helpful hints without any penalty. Best of all, a map will appear to show you the direction and your point of interest.

As you play, you’ll get plenty of helpful messages to complete your quest. Every time you have less than two keys, you have to wait for 3 hours before you can get another key. Alternatively, you can purchase from the game store using real money. However, when you complete your mission, you’ll get more rewards. Once you successfully complete the story in the game, you’ll earn diamonds. The secret is to play the game more often. To keep an adventure going, you’ll need 20 diamonds. Similarly, you’ll need 25 diamonds to purchase an outfit.

Complete the Stories Much Faster

The secret to complete a given story is being patient. The idea is to follow the story line and the outcome whether positive or negative. It’s good to remember you are in control of the game. The good thing is that you don’t have to wait to get the needed supplies to enjoy the game.

Unlocking the Game Features

For you to play the game online, you need a reliable internet connection. It’s quite easy to access the servers and connect with your friends on social media. To explore choices stories you play game features, you need to complete each story then you’ll be rewarded with points. These points play an important role in getting you to the next level. It’s good to note that, the more points you have, the more features you’ll enjoy in the next level. You’ll have all the resources at your disposal. To climb up the ladder, you need to finish all quests successfully.

Game Modes

Each story comes in a different mode. To understand the overall vision of the game, check the features of dating in the modern world, new friends, and new city stories.

How to Get Premium Items for Free in Choices Stories You Play


By now you should now that the keys and diamonds are hard to come by. Every player will need them at some point in the game. As mentioned earlier, buying them from the in game store is very costly. This requires that you start looking for choices stories you play cheats method.

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Tips & Tricks Full Guide

Choices Stories You Tips & Tricks

The biggest tip is to play a story you really love. Currently, there are three main storylines in the game. You can select a story where the king wants to reclaim his throne, where a detective tries to stop a killer or where you try to have adventures with first-year students and take over the entire realm. The trick here is to concentrate on one story at a time. Make sure you pick something you would enjoy. This is important when you get to a point where you’ll have to buy more keys and diamonds. You want to feel you’re putting your money on something you really enjoy.

The second tip I would suggest is that you take your time to explore the game. You need to enjoy the script and dialogue. This game is not for those who want to rush from one story to another or just want to shoot people like in Critical Ops (a fan-favorite FPS game for mobile) or save the world type of game. It’s designed for one player, so you can play before you go to bed. In case you get stuck, pause the game and continue playing some other time.

The third tip is only to make informed decisions. You have to make the stories a real-life situation. Ask yourself, what would I do if I found myself in such a situation? This way, the game becomes more fun. Engross yourself on the game and make decisions only on what consequences make sense.

I would also recommend that you play the stories again once you finish. It is high on replayability. This is to try and see if you can get a different outcome now that you’re more experienced. However, if you want to be a little adventurous, you can challenge yourself from the abundance of other unique stories.

Why Should You Play Choices?

First, each story comes with its own theme. The five main stories fall under thriller, dream or sentiment. Each choice a player makes will influence the principal character. It’s good to keep in mind that there is no limit for the game. Another important thing to note is that the game is full of averters. This means you can start off as a student, grow into an empire, and then become a detective. Such features cannot be found in any other game. This game is highly addictive; players are always guessing and like to know what is coming next.

Another motivation in getting Choices Stories You Play game is that it comes with unique and interactive features. This captures the attention of the player in stimulating certain situations. It doesn’t matter the platform you wish to use, simply download and install the application then you’re ready to go.

On the other hand, you can use the online keys and diamond cheat booster to get as many resources as possible. This makes playing the game much more fun and smooth. It also features easy-to-use interface. Furthermore, the user has access to keys and diamonds for free. Once you sign up, you will have access to new updates all the time. Another eye-catching feature is that you don’t need space on your device to boost. All you only need is a good browser.

Excellent Theme that is Not too Childish

The art would be best described as semi 3D and very well drawn. Further, the music and sound effects are unmatched. The player enjoys endless original soundtracks throughout the game. However, one can decide to mute the sound when playing at night or in public places.

The stories teach different life lessons. Each story has a pretty creative story line. It’s virtually impossible to see other games that have borrowed the same concept. Irrespective of the story you’re currently pursuing, all the keys and diamonds you create will come in handy with the right decision. After each chapter of the game, there is a brief advertisement that lasts for about 30 seconds. They do not appear in the middle of the game. They are more like tutorials and explain what you should expect from the next chapter.


Whether you’re single or you have a companion, the Choices Stories You Play game will bring a different touch of romance. A new gamer can easily navigate through the game and play effortlessly. This game is designed to allow you embark on epic fantasy adventures. The most exciting part about the game is; you control how each story goes. It’s evident that the Choices Stories You Play game is a game changer. It has opened a new chapter in the history of online games.

The game comes with unlimited features to ensure you explore the story that suits your preference. The hard-working developers are always releasing new updates and stories monthly.

Sometimes, cheating doesn’t hurt. You can make use of the new Choices Stories You Play Cheats to increase the enjoyment of the game. It’s well-equipped with features to increase the chances of success. Although it requires both skills and knowledge, it doesn’t hurt to challenge the system to your advantage. Best of all, it’s free and won’t compromise on the security of your account. I highly recommend this free gem and keys booster and the game to any online game enthusiast willing to try something entertaining.

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Stop looking elsewhere; this is the best storytelling mobile game available for free!! Now cheat with Choices Stories You Play Hack and get Free Keys & Diamonds in 3 minutes.

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