The Battle Cats Hack & Cheats Review, 100% Working Cat Food and XP Booster!

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Get Unlimited Cat Food & XP to Unlock RARE Upgrades!

To get instant free Cat Food or XP, click on the big green button below to launch the Battle Cats Cat Food/XP Booster.  Scroll down to the bottom to find the instructions for the hack. Created by the infamous Supersoniq team, this working online generator is 100% SECURE & SAFE. No account password required. There is no need to download anything. This hack is undetected and no ban guaranteed. Compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Last Updated on 18 February 2018

The guys from the PONOS game studio have made a strategy game for cat lovers. Cats are the protagonists, but not just any cats, obviously. These soldier cats fight various enemies in order to defend their base. The Battle Cats is a free-to-play tower defense game that is quickly gathering a large following in the world of mobile games. It is currently downloadable on iOS and Android devices.

Strategy games can be pretty repetitive and difficult to play, but Battle Cats is a casual, relaxing game. It is pretty simple and simply adorable, so kids can play it too. You help the cute stylized cats take over the world from dogs, wolves, snakes and other enemies with various stats. Your furry friends automatically fight any enemies that appear as well as their bases once they are deployed. When all the enemies are destroyed the battle is won.

The game is set on a 2D plane. In a battle, your base (featuring a canon that can be fired once it’s fully charged) is on the right and the enemy base is on the left. There are different types of cats, from basic cats to the Greek god Zeus in cat form, and they all gain abilities and change appearance after certain levels.

Leveling your battle cats can get pretty difficult at times. When you find a cat soldier you believe is the one that will help you take over the world, gathering experience points the traditional way can get pretty boring. Especially if other players seem to be doing much better than you.

Cat Food

Cat food can be useful in this case as you can use it to buy XP. However, it can be really hard to get enough cat food if you don’t want to spend real money or watch ads in order to get it. Cat food resources can be bought in the game store ranging from $5 to $50. Besides that, cat food can also be used for refilling energy, continuing battles that have been lost and various other perks.

Don’t want to wait for experience points to gather? Need some cat food to restart a battle or get a certain Special Cat? If you have played the game, you have probably wished for some kind of cheat code for unlimited cat food and fast XP points!

You have guessed right, the Battle Cats hack actually exists. There is an easy to use generator that will end your frustrations.

How to Hack Battle Cats

Get Uber Super Rare Cat easily!

To hack Battle Cats you will need a real Battle Cats hack generator. This generator will enable unlimited cat food and additional XP points.

To use the Battle Cats unlimited cat food hack you will need to follow some simple steps. Just scroll down further to find the full instruction. There is no need to worry, you don’t have to download anything, the whole process takes place online and you can do it from any browser. The Battle Cats hack is available for both iOS and Android accounts.

This booster was made by the trusted Supersoniq team with the aim to enable the best possible experience to other fans. This means you can rest easy and always looking after by Supersoniq. The site possesses an SSL certificate because they care about your internet security. Furthermore, they use proxy servers to protect you from being detected and getting your account banned. Now you don’t need to try some wonky cat food glitch you watched on Youtube which has a high risk of failure or download modded APK infected with viruses.

I personally tried the online generator and was able to get an unlimited amount of Cat Food and XP to unlock uber rare cats upgrades and the best part is no account ban after weeks of using! So go on and try this and let me know how satisfied you are in the comments below.

The one and only always updated real free Battle Cats Hack out there.

Pros of Using Supersoniq's Battle Cats Cheats

No Malwares, Nothing to download - 10
No Jailbreak or Root - 10
No Ban - 10
Ease of use, Unlimited CatFood/XP - 9.8
Android & iOS compatible - 9.7
Price: $0 - 10



The one and only always updated real free Battle Cats Hack out there.

Instructions For ``Battle Cats`` Game Cheats

  • Access the online points generator using the big green button below or at the top of the page
  • Once inside the generator page, adjust the value of the Cat Food/XP to your desired amount to add to your account
  • Press the big “BOOST” button
  • Now enter your in-game connected Username/Facebook email/iTunes email/Gmail/GameCenter username and select the Platform on which you’re currently playing on
  • Press the “CONTINUE” button and wait for the process to finish completely
  • Restart your game and see the boosted resources 😉

*Please understand that this is a 100% safe process and will NOT result in banning of your accounts. The developer or game server will NOT detect the change of cat food or experience amount as this “The Battle Cats” game hack bypass all anti-cheats and simulate a user getting the currency in a typical fashion. It is normal to repeat the hack process once a day to fully max your resources. Let’s the catfight begins!

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