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Last Updated on 19 January 2018

If you still haven’t heard or played the game Wolf Online, you are missing something big in your life. The game has become one of the most popular ones and is on the top 10 of the most downloaded mobile game ranking board on a consistent basis. This mobile game is the best wolf game online available and can easily be downloaded on both Android and iOS by going to their respective app store.

Before we start off with our Wolf Online Hack review, we need to discuss a little more about this handheld game. I’m pretty sure once you go through these points, you will be tempted to play the game the right way.


You do not have to be a lone wolf to play this game. You can just log in with your Facebook account and invite your friends to play with you. In the match itself, you can use the multiplayer option to add other wolfs like you to the game.

Hunt Actual Animals

You will find lots of animals in your path while you are playing, and as every wolf needs to hunt to survive, you will have the option of killing them too. Achieving this target is not so easy, but with some effort, you can bring down the biggest animal species.

Battle Mode

Why not invite your enemy to this game and fight them in a vicious PVP combat? With the player against player option, you can fight other species of wolfs until one of you takes the crown.

Go Pack Hunting

You will find many large animals as well in the game such as a moose. These animals are not easy to hunt down, so you will need lots of effort in bringing them down, but the reward points with the win are incredible, and you get to do it all with your pack right behind you.

Monsters from the Myths

You can battle any monsters that you fear or from a myth on the field of this game!

Explore Various Maps

You will have about six different maps to choose from which will allow you to roam and hunt the same grounds or various locations. Explore each field, and make it your own.

Other Great Features Worth Mentioning:

Character customization – You can select the type of wolf you want to be: Mountain Wolf, Snow Wolf or Wild Wolf.
Online Chat with others – The game comes with a real-time chat option so that you can chat with other players as well.
Excellent graphics – You will not be disappointed with the look and feel and of the game as the graphics are superior to anything you have ever seen before.

Wolf Online Cheats and Hacks

It is true that every game can get annoying after a little while, mainly because you get stuck at some point or the other and need coins, stars, diamonds or whatever the game requires to proceed.

You may encounter such moments within this game too. However, instead of quitting on the game, a refreshing solution is to actually look for some Wolf Online hacks and cheats for the match. Not only will this make the game more enjoyable, but you will also be able to level up your skills faster, and your concentration on the game will remain for a longer time.

You will find various hacks and tools online, but why bother going to those places when you can get the entire know-how about it here? I have personally made sure that I test them out for you so that you do not have to go through a bad experience.

One word of caution: DO NOT download any mod apk and hacking tools to modify the Android files because those are easily detected and non-upgraded, and you are just asking for an account ban. What worst is that you will be infected by viruses and malware from these downloads.

Like every other mobile game, Wolf Online requires the currency “Points” so that you can level up the multiple skills (Attack, Defence, Speed, Health, Honor) and dominate the matches. There are two different ways you can earn points in the game:

1. You can automatically earn them as you play the game regularly.
2. You can also buy points in-game. You will need to spend real money to get them, and once they are consumed, you will need to purchase some more.

There are two small problems with the above ways. For the first one, you will need to grind a lot to get enough to proceed in the game. The low-level gameplay can become a little annoying, and there will be times that you just want to quit the game. You can even get so frustrated that you eventually just uninstall the game. With the other option, you will need to keep buying the points, so no matter how small their cost might be, you will eventually find it to be a whole lot more expensive. I know people who spent thousands of dollars to level up their skills. Thus, both ways, though efficient, have their downsides.

One best alternative for this is hacking Wolf Online. These hacks are readily available online, and you can easily find them by searching for Wolf Online hack tool. These tools do not cost anything and are easy to obtain. The best part about these Wolf Online hacks is that you will be able to find some websites that offer hacks that work for both iOS and Android phones. I have tried out many of them, and today, I will reveal the best working one.

Supersoniq’s Wolf Online Hack is currently the only working and updated points generator. The best part is that it is also free.

You will not need to jailbreak or root your phone in any way for the hack to work. No downloading or modification of game files. Everything happens online. Also, as the game is compatible with various versions of different platforms, you will not need to reinstall it when your phone gets updated. Once you have boosted your points with this online generator, the points are permanently stored on the game’s server, so you will be able to enjoy the game much more.

Features of Cheats for Wolf Online

Here’s why Supersoniq’s Wolf Online hack tool differs from other competitors. This hack is jam-packed with remarkable features.

1. The hack allows you to add an unlimited number of points to your account.
2. It generates points instantly.
3. It also comes with the ability to unlock the bonus “Fire & Warrior Mark” which will remove the in game pop up ads.
4. The online generator works on all types of operating systems. This includes the likes of iOS, Android, and PC.
5. The hack is maintained and updated daily by the developers.
6. The website and the hack itself is 256 bit encrypted secure and is free of any viruses or malware. Once you are sure of this, your phone will be safe from all malicious software out there.
7. With built-in anti cheat measure, you are guaranteed to not have any risk of a ban of your game account.
8. Works online so that you do not have to download anything onto your phone.
9. The interface is user-friendly, so you do not need to navigate too much, and the point booster does not become a hassle for you.
10. If you have the ability to use the same app on different devices, there is nothing better as you will not need to register again and again.

100% Working

From the above screenshot, you can clearly see that I have used the Wolf Online Hack to generate an almost unlimited amount of points to my account, and I’ve not experienced a single ban all this while! So yes, it is definitely working better than I thought.

If your boosted points do not show up inside the game after about 5 minutes, try again. You do not need to worry as their hack has built in automatic protection to make sure your account stats are not leaking to the developers if the game and the hack’s version is mismatched. This is the crucial step to ensure the safety of your account at all times.

Also, the points booster code is updated daily so try to visit the dedicated online point booster page again tomorrow if you failed to get any point.

How to Generate Unlimited Points in just 3 Minutes?

Using the Wolf Online hack made by the fabulous Supersoniq team is extremely simple; all you need is to go to the online generator credit booster site (just click the big green buttons on the top and bottom of this page). Start by choosing how much “Points” you want to get. Just push the “+” and “” buttons to get desired value. After that, press “BOOST” and type in your in-game Username. Also, choose your device (iOS or Android) and wait for a few minutes and enjoy the increased points in the game! Use them to increase your wolf skills power!

Disclaimer: The Wolf Online Hack is for educational purposes only. We take no accountability or consequences for any action of any user using this hack.

Why is the Game So Successful?

The game has been a huge success in the market mainly thanks to the excellent gaming experience that it provides. People are tired of playing FPS shooters all the time so being able to act like a wolf, hunting and being a part of a clan are some things everyone has wondered about once in their life and are now able to feel that. Plus, you get cool hacks which allow you to proceed in the game faster. As you level up, you get access to more stages, animals, and fights that become increasingly difficult, thus making the game even more enjoyable.

When you have access to free online hacks and cheats, it makes the game easier to play. You will find yourself somewhat addicted and use the tool again and again to get access to the free points which make the game even more entertaining, as you will not be stuck on the same level until you are ready to give up on Wolf Online.

Why Should You Play It?

The game is a real-life simulator and lets you experience what it feels like to be in the wild and how wolves live. The graphics are excellent and feel life-like, so it feels like you are in the game and you are the wolf. For me, the best experience has been being able to wander around the landscape like an actual wolf. It is a fun game which allows you to interact with your friends and hunt animals, leaving you feeling a bit powerful.

Expert Tips to help with Wolf Online

One thing you need to make sure is that you are not a lone wolf. You should make a pack as it will make it easier to play the game. Try to aim to become the alpha as it will give you more strength. Also, make sure you keep an eye out on the health you are losing and move out of the way if it gets critical. Get the Wolf Online points booster and cheats for the game and enjoy it to the fullest extent.

Final Words

Wolf Online has become increasingly popular for people around the world, and more and more people are starting to use online hacks to proceed in the game. It is not very surprising as many individuals do not like to spend money or wait to move in the match. Once you have chosen a good and secure hack online, you have nothing to worry about except how you will spend the unlimited number of points.

From logging into the account and generating the infinite number of points, you will not be using too much time in the hack process. It will be done in an instant, and you will be back to playing your game. The game is creating waves for its hacks and cheat codes, and many people love the various features offered. As long as you follow the instructions above and the features you need to look out for, you will have a great experience playing Wolf Online.

The only Wolf Online Hack out there that just works.

Pros of Using Supersoniq's Wolf Online Hack

No Jailbreak or Root - 10
Nothing to download, No Viruses - 10
Absolutely No Ban - 10
User-friendly UI, Instant Points - 9.7
Compatible with Android & iOS - 9.8
Price: FREE! - 9.9



The only Wolf Online Hack out there that just works.

Instructions For Wolf Online Hack

  • Access the online points generator using the big green button below or at the top of the page
  • Adjust the value of the Point to your desired amount to add to your account
  • Press the “BOOST” button
  • Now enter your in-game Username and select the Platform on which you’re playing on
  • Press the “CONTINUE” button and wait for the process to finish completely
  • Relaunch your game and see the boosted points 😉

*Please understand that this is a 100% safe process and will NOT result in banning of your accounts. The developer or game server will NOT detect the change of points number as this Wolf Online Hack bypass all anti-cheats and simulate a user getting the money in a typical fashion. It is encouraged to repeat the hack process once a day to maximize your earning potential. Enjoy!

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