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Last Updated on 10 June 2024

Video games have evolved into these great marketing tools, and a lot of companies are riding the trend of making “pay-to-play” games that give access to players to free games where they can go forward and unlock achievements by completing tasks in two fashions: the easy way or the hard way. The easy way needs you to pay up for upgrades or features that will make your character more powerful and able to deal with the increasing difficulty of the game. The hard way involves a lot of dedication since most of these games will unlock the rewards that you can pay for if you manage to master certain levels of the game.

Marvel Strike Force follows such a scheme, and that’s the first thing you’ll notice as you install the game on your smart device. The great thing about this game though is that you’ll also notice how generous the developers have been in their initial offering.

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Classic RPG Structure for the Marvel Superheroes

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Developed by FoxNext, Marvel Strike Force is a role-playing game that will be familiar to fans of a particular offering from the comic publisher such as Marvel Ultimate Alliance. While not as dynamic as this predecessor or its sequel, Marvel Strike Force handles a lot like a Final Fantasy game or other RPG games where the characters take on turns to deal attacks to the enemies on the screen. While this mode of gaming has evolved in consoles, it still works wonder on smart devices.

The premise’s actually pretty simple: a Cosmic Danger is menacing the earth, and the enemies of freedom are taking advantage of it. It’s up to you to suit up as one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and do what you do best to save the day, or you can suit as a villain and wreak havoc.

Choose your Characters, Make them Powerful

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Hulk Smash!

Right from the start, you have to assemble a team and do battle through a number of missions to earn rewards and upgrade the power levels of your character. These skills are increased using “Power Cores” the in-game currency that can be obtained or bought to unlock many extras that can be used to upgrade on a specific character or with the whole squad. You can earn power cores by passing each mission or by using your credit card.

There is no limit to the number of power cores you can carry, but $2 will get you 150, and $100 will have you packing 8,600 units to be used as you please. You can make your favorite character more powerful by acquiring Shards specific to that character of gain access to new ones. The game developers keep updating the roster of characters so you can choose between 64 of them right now with some very well know faces among them such as Hulk, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, and Wolverine.

Gear Up Your Heroes, Make Your Mark on One of Two Game Modes

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There is also the possibility of earning gold pieces to update the gear and abilities of each character when they are used along the training modules. The final method of upgrading is the Orbs. These items grant each character a combination of upgrades based on their personal shards. You can buy them with specific features or by using a random system that will give your main module more gold pieces to manage the gear of your character as you like.

The game can be played by your lonesome, but there is a co-op mode that allows you to create alliances. By playing in this mode, you’ll have to deal with Ultimus keys to launch your raid campaigns and win credits based on your personal achievements. The earned rewards can later be exchanged for any item you need in the Alliance store.

Does Marvel Strike Force Live Up to the Hype?

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If you think that the game makes demands too much of your money to make itself enjoyable, you are in for quite a surprise. Campaign and Alliance modes play very differently and in each case, you’ll notice that you don’t need too much to make your player immensely powerful.

The dedication will actually take you really far in this game, and you’ll only need money if you are on a rush to get everything at once or if you don’t have the time and patience to see through each unlockable achievement. Marvel Strike Force is currently available for iOS and Android systems, and it can be downloaded for free on the app stores of both brands.

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Top 10 Best Marvel Strike Force Hero Team

1. Black Widow – Available in Blitz and Orbs, fastest character in the game.
2. Quake – Available in Arena Store. The basic attack is a cleave which apply slow down to enemies.
3. Yondu – Farmable in 2 nodes. Ability to copy a positive status effect and AOE with arrows.
4. Captain America – Best Tank, has taunt and defense up at the same time.
5. Hawkeye – Farmable in a few nodes and Blitz. Mass dispel and blind skill are useful.
6. Gomorrah – Farm in Blitz store. Does a ton of single target damage. She is cosmic so is needed for cosmic missions.
7. Crossbones – Easy to get in Blitz store. Detonate explosion does huge damage. Good synergy with Captain America.
8. Kingpin – One node to farm. Has crazy combos that give your team defense up and offense up. One of the highest health pools in the game.
9. Hand Sentry – Best Minion in the game. Smoke bomb gives stealth to all allies and short cooldown.
10. Iron Man -Requires five shield agents to get him. Pairs well with Captain America and does an insane amount of damage.

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