Tencent announced their Q4 2016 sales yesterday and one interesting tidbit of news that came out of it (besides the fact that they’re minting currency) is that their mobile MOBA King of Glory which is basically League of Legends Mobile has surpassed 50 million daily active users.

To put that number into context League of Legends gets about 100M monthly active users and Dota 2 sits at about 12.5M. While not exactly comparing apples to apples (daily active vs monthly busy), It looks like King of Glory has already surpassed League of Legends in popularity, despite only being available in China. The game has also routinely been the most watched sport on Douyu, China’s version of Twitch. The game can be found on iOS, Android, and PC.
Apparently, this new MOBA game is so insanely addictive that the Government has to step in and issue a restriction that minors can only play up to 1 hours per day!
King of Glory clearly drawn inspiration from League of Legend. Everything from the game’s map to character designs is identical to LoL. Given the similarities between them, it is surprising that Tencent did use all LoL characters proceed with the title League of Legends Mobile, although given that Tencent owns Riot Games outright they are well within their rights to copy their game. It is worth mentioning that there are a lot of League of Legends look-alike mobile games (Mobile Legends being one), but the only “official” one is King of Glory.

It also has some that were inspired by League of Legends although King of Glory has its own unique huge roster of characters.

Given the success of League of Legends like mobile games from the West (Mobile Legends has over 10 million downloads) and the incredible success of King of Glory, you can anticipate Tencent to launch it in the West in the not too distant future.

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