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Fun Experience with the Tanki Online

If you are a physics nerd, you are going to love the Tanki Online. It is a tank game based on 3D browser and best of all, it is free! This MMO game is free for Steam Platform and Browsers. It’s basically developed using the technology of flash. Basically, it lets players fight against each other in a 3D arena, advancing careers and making money using their tank. I personally fell in love with this one and simply had to bring myself to write a Tanki Online Review.

I have played a lot of online games similar to this and what I find unique about this is the real physics involved. I love it when my tank gets stuck in the pit, and I am dealing with real life physics to prevent it from overturning and falling from bridges. You can either fight the Deathmatch or form a power team Deathmatch to fight others or even hunt down Flags. You will move up in rank as you earn points so I generally try to get points from healing allies, destroying enemies, seizing flags and more.


To be honest, I totally came across this game by accident. The controls were quite easy to learn and that is how I got started with playing this game. As a nerd (which I have mentioned to you before) I can totally geek out with the different varieties of guns and tanks. I enjoy the game modes that come in multiples because this is actually a trick you can master to get ahead pretty quickly without depending on those hacks. It is a fast game play and makes it a perfect choice whenever you want to squeeze in a little fun during work hours at the office. Another geeking out excuse with the customizable and upgradable guns and hulls.

The Rules

The rules are pretty much simple and straight forward. This is what I really love about Tanki Online because most of the online games are difficult as it is and you don’t need complicated rules messing with your head! I am a complete gaming nerd but I also have to depend on the keyboard alone sometimes when in am playing the game at work. The fact that Tanki Online can operate well entirely on the keyboard is a complete life saver!

Earn Your Stripe

So this one comes with a ranking system. You will be rewarded for your performance depending on how well you play on any of the three modes of the game. I always aim for the crystals because this is the in-game currency. Now I recently found out in a Tanki Online Review that this can be used only for upgrading purposes on hulls and cannons but this is absolutely not true. I have personally been able to upgrade the cannon and the hull even further. One of the common go to tricks is to get a slower rate of firing. Manually dealing with damages can also go a long way in saving more of these in-game moolahs. This one is “the” Golden Ticket to bolster areas where you lack in cannon lacks or even make the criteria of your cannon more effective than it was before.

Final Words

As an MMO, Tanki Online plays its strengths really well despite the sparse number of shortcomings that it has to deal with every now and then. I love it because it is pretty much in-your-face and to the point (leave the complications to the ladies!). I just enjoy the old school tank graphics and the maps because the contemporary titles are so complicated and you are more focused trying to understand the rules rather than enjoying the game already.

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Tanki Online

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100% Satisfying

Start Bombing in Tanki Online

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