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Last Updated on 18 February 2018

Knights and Dragons is yet another action-packed, thrilling new game by Funzio Games, Inc. In this nonstop RPG adventure, you get to experience battles against all sorts of mythical creatures in a fun filled, amazing new adventure!


Knights and Dragons Boss

About The Game

You have to work your way and battle against the Dark Prince and his army of monsters with your own army of brave knights in this superb role playing action game. You, as the commander of the knights, have to collect powerful heroes and craft armor with unusual elements and then embark on various mythical and legendary quests to win the battle and free kingdoms. You can also join a multiplayer guild so you can protect your own kingdom! The perfect role playing for you as the Knight Commander, the best and the bravest heroes rise against the evil army of darkness, lead by the Dark Prince with his monsters and dragons alliance. They carry out various attacks, and you need to protect your place with the help of your knights and your armor in this epic game of action. This game is available on iOS and Android.

Need for Gold & Gems

As this is a Free-to-Play game, you should expect a lot of in-app purchase items in the game store.

If you play through the game normally without using real money to buy any of the stuff, then you would struggle to make progress or leveling up. Getting buildings and shiny armors required gold and it is certainly not cheap.

So for example, a Monster Nest cost 100,000 gold and don’t even mention all the upgrades always needing more golds. While the game shop allows you to exchange real dollars for in-game gold, the rate is a mind-boggling 100,000 gold for $99.99! And for gems (used for purchasing unique accessories and various upgrades), they are equally expensive, with 800 gems costing $99.99 as well.

This is why a free gold & gems generator is useful for such cases. Today, the spotlight is going to the Supersoniq’s Knights and Dragons resource booster.

Working Booster Hack

Knights and Dragons Working Hack Proof

You can get unlimited golds and gems too!

Supersoniq is an established and trusted brand when it comes to making cheats for the gaming community. They have recently released a new highly praised game hack by gamers worldwide. I have personally tested the generator, and I can tell you guys that it works fine. More than fine actually, because unlike others hack on the web, this one has patented anti-ban technology built in so you will not get your account ban. From the screenshot, you can see that I repeated the hack so many times that it basically maxed out my gold and gems limit. Of course, with so many golds, I leveled up really quickly and dominated my foes with ease.

So don’t be afraid and give it a try. I’m sure you will be impressed too!

To use the Knights and Dragons Hack correctly, simply open the page by clicking the big green buttons on top and below of this page. Next, pick the number of GOLD / GEMS by pushing the “+” and “” buttons. Then hit “BOOST” and type in your in-game connected ID/EMAIL. Change the platform (iOS or Android) to the one you are playing on. Continue and follow the step by step instructions. Just wait for a few minutes (usually under 5 minutes) and enjoy the boosted premium resources in the game!

The booster is updated daily so try to re-access the cheat page again tomorrow if you failed to get any.

Disclaimer: This Knights and Dragon Hack Generator is for educational purposes only. We take no accountability or consequences for any action of any user using this tool.

Tips & Tricks

Optimize and customize your own experience like you want to, so you can get the most out of these battles!

  • Pets

The pets have also joined the battle; you need to hunt, then train, and raise these pets as heroes so they can aid you and your knights for future battles! You can collect the pets by using bait to attract the powerful ones. You can also improve your defense and attack tactics and abilities by upgrading and even managing your pets’ abilities. When your pets are ready, you can launch a deadly attack on your rivals, with your pets fighting alongside your knights to improve your defense and increase the quality of your attacks.

  • Knights

Make your knights into dependable companions! Customize each one of them with heavy armor and hardcore weapons along with alliances with other knights, so you are ready to fight with other rival kingdoms! The Knights should be ready and waiting for orders!

  • Gladiators

Level up the gladiators so they can do great massacres on the battlefield and earn new armor for your future battles.
Collect and use fusion armor. Use of fusion armor improves the quality of your attack and makes it more deadly for the opponent. Fight with dungeon monsters and collect elements for the fusion as to craft specialized weapons and great and highly useful armor. The best of the armor are the ones with these five elements, which are Fire, Water, Spirit, Earth, and Air.

  • Different Elements of the Game

The glory is for those kingdoms with the best army. You need to battle with the with mythical creatures to earn crafting elements.

Monsters Attack

You need to defend your city against an attack from dragons when they assault your city! Battle them and defeat them to save the day by raiding the dungeon monster with your guild for rare loot.

Multiplayer Options

So you have tons of other friends who play the same game? Why not play the game with them, or better yet, make an alliance, so you can beat these evil forces together and earn massive rewards!

Knights & Dragons Cheats

Like all other games that you may play, there are plenty of cheats and shortcuts available to do well in this game. Nothing out of the box, just a few ideas and the right strategies – it can surely make you the boss or the knight in the shining armor! Below are a few knights & dragons tips.

Know Your Armor

You need to know your armor well. Each armor is associated with one of the five elements, fire, water, air, earth, and spirit. Each one of them is either stronger or weaker against the opposing one, so you need to know which ones to have against the enemies. For example, Fire is greater than spirit; water is stronger than fire. The earth is stronger than water, water is, however, weaker than air and earth is weaker than spirit and so on.

Take Help from Friends

If you are not doing too well with the quests, maybe you should seek some help from your friends. You do not need real-life friends to assist you with it, but you can even “find” friends through forums and get the strongest one for your party or alliance. You can hire up to ten friends in a day. I will gladly be your friend! These are some friend codes you can use:

Knights & Dragon iOS Android Gameplay

Play a Lot of Quests

The game starts slow, but there are plenty of quests for you to do. Play a lot of quests. Once you have played regularly for about a week, you will know what to do. You need to have patience, and there is no reason to spend any money on buying the coins. You can get things as you go on with the quests and earn through winning and follow the tutorial.

Leave the Battlefield

I have learned the hard way; we do not always win all the battles we fight. The same goes for this game. Sometimes, it is better to leave the fight if you are losing or you happen to get killed in the middle. You might have the urge to continue fighting but the best strategy to do is to leave or exit, then come back and re-start the same battle. This way, your knights would have healed, and you would know what exactly to do now to win that particular battle! You can then come better prepared with the right kind of armor and if it is too tough, then maybe with the alliance of other players.

Not only will this game keep you addicted for more, but this will also keep on on the edge of your seat in this adrenaline-filled adventure of battles! What I like best about it is that this fun-filled ride is also free! You can buy golds or gems to further enhance your game, but if you follow these Knights and Dragons hacks, you won’t need to buy any! Order a pizza instead, and enjoy the game.

The one and only fully updated working Knights and Dragons Hack that is totally free.

Pros of Using Supersoniq's Knights & Dragons Cheats

No Malwares, Nothing to download - 10
No Jailbreak or Root - 10
No Ban - 10
Ease of use, Unlimited Gold/Gems - 9.8
Android & iOS compatible - 10
Price: $0 - 10



The one and only fully updated working Knights and Dragons Hack that is totally free.

Instructions For ``K&D`` Game Cheats

  • Access the online points generator using the big green button below or at the top of the page
  • Once inside the generator page, adjust the value of the Gold and Gems to your desired amount to add to your account
  • Press the big “BOOST” button
  • Now enter your in-game connected Username/Facebook email/iTunes email/Gmail/GameCenter username and select the Platform on which you’re currently playing on
  • Press the “CONTINUE” button and wait for the process to finish completely
  • Restart your game and see the boosted golds and gems 😉

*Please understand that this is a 100% safe process and will NOT result in banning of your accounts. The developer or game server will NOT detect the change of gold or gems amount as this “Knights & Dragons” game hack bypass all anti-cheats and simulate a user getting the currency in a typical fashion. It is perfectly fine to repeat the hack process once a day to maximize your gains. Enjoy total domination of the game!

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